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GPS Perimeter Systems Limited are experts in the provision of cost effective external perimeter security systems for detection of intruders outside - before they can do any damage. We specialise in fence security, perimeter security and infrared systems.

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The latest addition to the extensive product range is the revolutionary SIOUX Fence protection system, based on 3D MEMS technology. This provides extremely flexible and accurate detection on many different fence types and structures.

Many of our systems are now IP compatible, some with PoE (Power over Ethernet) capabilities, including the SIOUX Fence protection system, ERMO482X Pro Microwave Barriers and the Murena Microwave Sensor.
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Certain products are now approved for UK Government use. Please contact the CPNI for more information.

New technology is also available to detect attempts to steal or interfere with copper cables and fibre optic cables running in ducts and cable troughs. The MILES System can protect long stretches of duct, using new or existing optical fibres, using a single, remotely located processor. It can also pinpoint the source of the theft to within a few metres.

The system was voted the best product in the the Technology Innovation Award in the PSI Premier Awards 2012.

Another new system, called SUN, is available for the protection of solar panel arrays, which when used in combination with our Coral microwave barriers, can provide cost effective, high security protection for large solar parks.

The careful application of external intruder detectors can provide significant cost savings in terms of manpower, loss recovery and damage limitation, quickly recovering the initial capital outlay. However, it is more difficult than designing systems for the controlled environment found inside most premises.

We need to have a system that not only suits the type of perimeter but also one that can perform equally well in all extremes of weather conditions.

After all, 4am on a January morning in Norway is a different world from 2pm on a July afternoon in southern Spain.

Not only is the weather variable but also the site layout will be different for almost every site we have to consider. There may be a fence or a wall (or both), the site may slope or undulate, the shape of the perimeter will certainly be different and we may want to keep people in rather than out.

A principal requirement is how to interface the intrusion detection systems with existing facilities, in particular CCTV surveillance systems, so that the correct response is generated to any perimeter alarms.

From this it is obvious that there is unlikely to be one perimeter system that can cope with all the variables and that some experience in the application of systems is essential before any buying decision is made.

It may even require a mobile, rapid deployment system if the asset to be protected is itself mobile, such as VIP or military aircraft.

Perimeter system types include invisible buried detection systems, fence security using microphonic and fibre optic cable perimeter systems, microwave barriers and Doppler detectors, infrared systems using beams and barriers, taut wire and fibre optic detection systems. All these can significantly enhance the performance of any perimeter security.

This is where GPS Perimeter Systems Limited come in.


Perimeter Security

For the very best in perimeter security systems, make us your first and only choice. Here at GPS Perimeter Systems, our experts are amongst the best in the business, and boast a vast amount of knowledge and extensive experience in all aspects of external perimeter security systems, so make that call today.

Fence Security

Are you looking for a highly secure, strong, fence security system which is convenient to install and competitively priced? Then look no further, as here at GPS Perimeter Systems we pride ourselves in offering some of the best systems around. Whatever your needs, we will have a fence security system which fully meets your requirements.

Perimeter Alarms

Reliable perimeter alarms are vital in various different environments, and go a long way in providing an extremely high level of security. We boast a great range of perimeter alarms, and as our team have years of experience in their field, you can trust us to provide you with the best system for your individual needs.

GPS Perimeter systems

You can't afford to take any chances when it comes to security, and if you're looking for the most reliable, hi-tech GPS perimeter systems out there, you have come to the right place. Our GPS perimeter systems are suitable for a range of applications, and the amazing GPS Plus allows you to enjoy the most discreet protection ever.

Fibre optic security

Here at GPS Perimeter Systems, our Snake and Miles fibre optic security systems are known for offering an unbelievably high level of protection, and points of attack can be identified within seconds. Trust us to provide you with a fibre optic security system which won't let you down- contact one of our team today.

Microwave security

Microwave security systems are ideal for those looking for a cost effective way of enhancing line of sight security, and here at GPS Perimeter Systems we offer only the most reliable and quality systems around. Consult one of our dedicated team of experts today for a microwave security system which accurately meets your requirements.

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