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Fibre Optic Security System

A range of vibration sensitive detection systems, using special optical fibre cables as the sensitive medium.
These can be installed on fences, pipelines or even buried and can use either newly installed or existing fibres to provide cost effective protection for long perimeters and pipes.
A special, low cost system is also available for the protection of solar panel and photo-voltaic cell arrays.

SNAKE Fibre Optic Cable

MILES Fibre Optic cable

System uses a processor unit connected to the sensitive cable via a variable length of non-sensitive fibre optic cable.
This makes the system extremely flexible in hardware configuration, with options to locate the processors centrally or distributed around the fence line, dependent on the site cabling infrastructure.

The system is particularly suited to deployment in the protection of gas, water and oil pipelines and can use spare fibres contained within existing optical cables currently used for data transmission along the pipe, above or below ground. It can also be used to protect very long perimeter fences and to detect the theft of copper cables from underground ducts.

SUN Fibre optic cable

SUN is a fibre optic system that gives protection against removal of solar and photo-voltaic panels. The system protects the panels by joining them together using a low cost fibre optic cable.

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