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Protection for Solar Panel Parks

Solar and photovoltaic panel are becoming more and more widespread and as each panel has a significant cost there is a requirement to protect them from theft.
SUN is a fibre optic system that protects against removal of the panels. The system protects the panels by linking them together using a fibre optic cable.
To remove a panel it is necessary to break the fibre optic, which interupts the light passing through the fibre and consequently generates an alarm.
Our many years experience in the field has produced this specific system concept because we understand very well that it is important to avoid shadows created by other systems, which can reduce the performance of the panels. It is also important to maintain the aesthetics of the site by using unobtrusive equipment. The fibre cable is very small and virtually invisible when installed.
It is also possible to allow widlife and grazing animals within the protected area without triggering any alarms.

Protection is provided by a glass multimode optical fibre that can be connected and joined using cold connectors without the use of fusion splicing equipment.
The fibre optic has a small diameter, is easy to install and after installation, is virtually invisible.
SUN is a simple and economic system that allows the creation of fibre rings of 1200m to protect hundreds of panels together using a single cable.
The fibre optic does not deteriorate or corrode and is therefore extremely long lasting.
The fibre optic security system is excellent because of the reliability of the optical signal, which eliminates false activations.
In addition, SUN cannot be intercepted and is therefore not easily defeated.

Solar Panel Protection

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Coverage per unit: 1,200 metres

Max number of joints: 6 (with cold connectors and in-line adaptor)

Power Supply: 10.5 - 16 Vdc (12 Volt nominal)

Current: max 50mA @ 12 Vdc

Relay output: 1 (C, NC, NO)

Wavelength: 850 nm

Operating temperature -30/+70C

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