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MX2000 is a data collection and management system for the GPS Standard range of perimeter sensors.

Using a common bus cable, which supplies all the data communications as well as the power supply, the central Universal Communications Processor (UCP) can control and monitor up to 64 sensors dotted around the perimeter of a large site.

The bus cable can be configured either as two branches of up to 5Km long each or as a single loop of 5Km, giving added security against cable damage.

Options for the use of fibre optic cables are also available.

Any type of GPS Standard sensor can be connected to the bus and all the individual operating parameters and performance criteria of any individual sensor can be monitored and adjusted using a PC connected to the UCP.

Alarm data from other sensors can also be collected and integrated into the system.

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The software also has an optional Graphical User Interface to display alarms from sensors in real time on site mimic diagrams. Password protected, multiple operators can acess the system and full audit trails of system activity are available.

Site Configuration Software


Up to 64 sensors (16 different types)

Branch or redundant loop configuration
(2 x 5Km or 5Km loop)

Data and power on single 4 core copper cable

Optical fibre and RS485 options

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