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Intelligent Infrared Beam Barriers

IPS 150 External Infrared Beam Barrier
These Infra Red Beam Barriers have been designed to be installed in external applications under the most demanding climatic conditions. The extruded aluminium columns offer maximum mechanical strength and the sealing process makes them totally waterproof.

Principle of Operation
The transmitting unit sends invisible Infra Red pulses to a receiver unit at the same time as a synchronizing signal. The receiver will only analyse the Infra Red signal when the synchronizer signal is received. The receiver will not recognize continuous light - neither visible or Infra Red - thus making it practically immune to direct sunlight or deliberate interference. The alarm signal is available as a voltage-free relay contact, normally closed. The unit is fully tampered and a potentiometer adjustment is also available to set the alarm response to crossing speeds between 25 and 300 micro seconds.

IPS 600 & IPS 400 External Beam Barriers

IPS 400 External Infrared Beam Barrier Single Beam with Micro-Adjustment
IPS 600 External Infrared Beam Barrier Dual Beam with Micro-Adjustment

The latest edition to the IPS product line has a unique range of new design features to minimise space, simplify installations and alignment and reduce false alarms.

The IPS 400 is a "single" beam assembly with a new micrometric mechanical adjustment for ease of alignment.

The IPS 600 is a "dual" beam assembly with the same mechanical adjustment. This unit further reduces false alarm problems due to its "AND" configuration.

This is a new advanced generation of Beam Barriers based on the microprocessor system already successfully used with the underground perimeter system GPS. One main additional feature of the system is the almost total elimination of the requirement for the fog inhibitor circuit whilst still preserving a signal integrity irrespective of fog or heavy rain conditions.

An intelligent analysis of the signal received by all receivers allows compensation for any loss of signal received by using the special receiver AGC system.

A gain factor of 50 is achieved thus allowing for deterioration of visibility conditions up to 50 times higher than the standard Infra Red Barrier systems available before affecting its efficiency. Up to a maximum of 8 receiver units can be connected to a concentrator unit which will provide all the multiplex and synchronization functions for the system. The 8 respective transmitters, via a synchronization unit, will interface with the concentrator unit to complete the barrier system. Optional Relay Output for each RX is available together with standard fault and alarm output.

Furthermore, the installer can also take full advantage of the facilities provided by remotely adjusting all operating parameters (alarm threshold, disqualification level etc.).

This new approach besides greatly simplifying wiring, alignment and system management will also reduce servicing time to overall enhance its cost and security effectiveness.

IPS 600 & IPS 400 External Beam Barriers

General Description

The IPS 400 and IPS 600 are a progression of the IPS 200 range with a totally new mechanical design. The new micro-adjustment is an extremely accurate way of providing a fine alignment of the beam.

Furthermore, once a pair of beams are aligned within the column, all the others can be easily aligned by simply re-producing the calibration values established on the first pair. Besides the accuracy of the operation a far greater speed of installation can be achieved in multiple beam configuration. Both systems are microprocessor based with the possibility of being used either with optional local relay outputs or, by the standard GPS analyser and the latest RTS software, in a multiplex mode thus making it particularly suitable for large perimeter installations.

In this version the operator can, remotely with a PC, programme all the working parameters, monitor and record performance and provide relay outputs for each beam pair at a remote location.

IPS600 Installation
External Beam Barrier


IPS 150

  • Fully anti-tampered
  • Not affected by direct sunlight
  • Alarm response adjustment (allows discrimination between small animals and real intruders)
  • Alignment LED
  • SMD Construction
  • Mechanical Micro Adjustment for ease of alignment
  • 100 metre usable range
  • Integral disqualification circuit
  • Easy clip-on front polycarbonate for column
  • 180° full version
  • Built in synchronization facility
IPS 400 & IPS 600
  • Mechanical micro adjustment for ease of alignment
  • Dual or single beam version
  • 150 metre usable range
  • Special filter against direct sunlight effects
  • Cross speed adjustment to discriminate between intruders and small animals or birds
  • Fully anti-tampered
  • Visual indication of alignment
  • Heater facilities suitable for sub-zero working temperatures
  • Fog inhibitor
  • Built in synchronization facility
  • Multiple LED signal strength indicator
  • Can be interfaced to GPS Analyser
  • SMD Construction
  • Automatic gain control to maintain range
  • Easy clip-on front polycarbonate for column

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