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Microwave Barrier Systems

These barriers generate a microwave frequency beam that passes between a transmitter and a receiver.

When the receiver detects any interference in the beam an alarm output is given. This output can be processed in analogue form or in digital form.

There are a number of different Microwave barrier models available, dependent on the type of application and the level of security required. For the highest levels of security, convenience of use and ease of maintenance a digital microwave should be chosen.

For cost effective solutions and smaller, more compact applications the various types of analogue units can provide excellent results.

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ERMO482X Pro Digital Microwave, up to 200m range

MMD Rapid Deployment Digital Microwave System

ERMO482 Analogue Microwave, up to 200m range

CORAL Analogue and Digital Microwaves with unique "butterfly" antenna

ERMUSA Analogue Microwave, small size, 40m range

MINERMO Miniature Microwave barrier, 15 range



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