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TPS - Taut-wire Fence system

The TPS System comprises a variable number of barbed wires in parallel with one another at a distance of 10 - 15 cm, suspended on support posts positioned about 2.5/3m apart.

The system is a physical fence barrier, sensitive to the disturbances generated by intrusion attempts.

The TPS system is particularly useful for detecting climbing (on top of a wall) or where it is necessary to create a physical barrier (fence). In fact, because it is made from a stainless steel barbed wires, once installed it represents a barrier of considerable deterrent, which is also perfectly suited as a fence.

The active part of the system is the sensor post with special characteristics that make it sensitive to attempts to violate the barrier such as cutting, breaking or parting the barbed wires.

Following a mechanical disturbance the barbed wire generates an electrical signal proportional to the energy in the disturbance. The signal, after it has been detected and amplified, is sent to a signal processor unit, which analyses the signal and will generate pre-alarm and alarm signals. These signals are based on multiple thresholds and other parameters, which can be set up individually for each installation.

Each processor can monitor up to 8 TPS Sensor Posts.

Using differential signal analysis the system can eliminate false signals caused by common mode disturbances such as those generated by atmospheric phenomenon (wind, hail, etc..) or by large temperature variations (day/night).

The extreme modularity of the system allows the creation of very long perimeters.

The processor units are connected to a common data bus cable that is compatible with the Multiplex 2000 sensor management system. Up to 64 processors can be connected to the bus and the central control unit of the Multiplex 2000 system, the UCP, can monitor all the output signals from these processors). For even longer perimeters multiple UCP may be networked together.

This solution allows the creation of perimeter systems with mixed sensor types, such as IPS Infrared barrier system, GPS Plus buried detection system, DPS double technology buried system, CPS microphonic cable, where the characteristics of the area to be protected demand it.

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