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Digital Microwave Barrier

Manta gives the same very high detection performance to residential applications, that is normally provided by the ERMO482X devices adopted to protect high risk sites, and now with IP PoE capability.

The probability of false alarms is drastically reduced compared to standard analogue devices thanks to the Digital Signal Processing that uses special “Fuzzy Logic Rules” while keeping the probability of detection at a maximum.

Thanks to the complete redesign of the microwave antennas, that now generate a high and narrow beam,
the small size of the device itself and the attractive design, Manta is the ideal product for the protection of residential sites where space is often restricted and the aesthetic impact is of significant importance.

Transportation Application


Manta Antenna


Manta 50 - 50 metre range

Manta 80 - 80 metre range

Hidden cable access
On-board alignment tools
16 modulation channels
11.5 - 16vDC @ 140mA per pair
Analogue and digital event memory
RS485 Data Port

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