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Universal Data Collection System

The IB-System-R is a universal cabling system able to collect all the alarm and maintenance signals from the field and to bring them back to any central control system that can accept on/off signals as an input.
Up to 128 devices or 64 barriers can be connected to a complete system, using any interconnection medium such as: serial RS485 line, fibre optic or Ethernet.
In addition, the rack structure ensures the system is extremely compact and maintenance and/or update is very simple.

System layout
System configuration

The system is ideal for collecting alarm data from complex installations, simplifying system management and interfacing.
By using a variety of media interfaces it is possible to collect the data via conventional RS485 data networks, fibre optic networks, via Ethernet or even by radio link.
Fibre Optic Media Converter
Fibre-optic Field Media Converter

Fully equipped rack 64 barriers


  • 12 x RS485 serial lines for sensor connections
  • 4 x RS232 lines for PCs connection suitable for system management and/or maintenance
  • 1 x RS485 line for system supervision (through Hyper Terminal)
  • 5 x static N.C. relay contacts suitable for signalling alarms and faults
  • 512 x static N.C. relay contacts suitable for field device status signalling.

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