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Fully Integrated Security Management System

The SCS (Supervision and Control System) is for the supervision and control of complete systems, using an extremely simple interface with the most advanced data presentation technology.
The SCS system integrates the management of:

  • Intruder control units
  • Fire control units
  • Access control systems
  • Video surveillance and recording systems
  • Building management systems
  • Perimeter Security systems

Site Plan
Site Layout

The display of the system is created in graphic mode using site maps that immediately make the status of the system apparent. For this the system uses icons which assume different colours and shapes dependent on the status of the object that they represent (inputs, outputs, locations,..), while through the icons the operator can send commands to the system (arm/disarm areas or exits, position cameras, request video images, etc.) making all the actions necessary to manage the entire system.

Basic System Architecture

The software architecture is network based and designed to be extremely flexible, allowing the best use of computer hardware, based on system size and complexity.

The system comprises some or all of the following components:

  • Database: contains all the information about the structure of the system together with details of commands, etc.
  • Command Server: controls the flow of information between the various components of the system
  • Client: there are as many as there are system control workstations. The client has an integrated video player to allow the display of images without having to add extra components (Players).
  • Data logger: there are as many as necessary for the connection of the equipment (perimeter systems, alarm control units, fire control units, access control systems, video devices, etc.).
  • Player: used to display the images from the cameras or recorded when there is insufficient display capability available on the client.
  • Video Storage: used to store the images provided by the cameras (when the codec does not have a hard disc on board).

The system also has the capability to send and receive commands to and from third party software applications, via IP socket connections and the SNMP interface.

CCTV System Control
Control and monitoring of CCTV systems


Due to the flexibility and complexity of the possible system configurations please contact us with details of your specific requirements.

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